A Simple Guide for the Sanctum Dweller

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    Hello, one and all. As our site continues to grow, we figured it would be wise to have a centralized thread for important links and suggestions. To try and keep things organized, spoilers will be used. It's worthwhile to give things at least one full read through however.

    First—Our forums list and what each section is for:

    Sanctum Information

    1. Rules of The Sanctum—Contains our rules thread. If you haven't read it, read it now. Every member has the responsibility to keep up to date on these and ignorance will NEVER constitute an excuse.

    2. About Us—A place for handy guides and explanations like this one

    3. Your Inner Sanctum Staff—A place to learn more about the staff and ask us anything.

    4. Suggestions and Tech Support— For user input and questions

    5. Allies—Our Site Affiliates

    Bulletin Board

    1. The Town Herald—Where all site announcements are made. If you aren't already following this forum, doing so would be wise.

    2. Who Goes There? State Your Name—Where members Introduce themselves

    3. Wanted Posters—Our User Picture Forum

    4. Request Threads—Multiple forums in which to request a Roleplay

    5. Characters—A place to aggregate information about your characters

    The Great Hall

    1. Poe's Corner—For the more extreme Roleplay

    2. Mark Twain's Table—For the Softer Roleplays

    3. Unfinished Tales—For Open Roleplays anyone can join at anytime

    The Sanctum Tavern:

    1. Bard's Tales—for all your solo work and for outside links

    2. By The Hearth—Our forum for casual discussions

    3. The Artist's Display—For sharing of artwork and photography of all kinds

    4. A Momentary Departure—A forum for announcing hiatuses

    The Forbidden Sanctum

    1. Torture Chamber—For Extremely Violent, Sexual Roleplays

    2. Fetish Dungeon—For Kink without going to Extremes

    3. Feather Bed—For the Vanilla and the moderate

    The Grand Tournament

    1. Royal Lists—For our Monthly Writing Challenge

    2. Jousting Lists—Where users can challenge each other

    3. Sanctum Melee—For Writing Critiques

    Second—Our list of useful and interesting threads:


    1. Our Mugshots Megathread, for sharing pictures of yourself

    2. Pets of the Sanctum. The same, just with Pets.

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